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If you haven’t heard anything about HTML, CSS, JavaScript — this is for you.

Introduction to web development

Learn basics of core web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

  • 3chapters
  • 43tasks
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Beginner level

If you a ready to dive in each technology deeper — this is for you.

HTML and CSS basics

Learning markup and CSS syntax: from the simple text-level tags and CSS selectors to the typical page structure, cascade, and inheritance.

  • 5chapters
  • 83tasks
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JavaScript basics

We'll study how JavaScript works in the browser and learn how to make web interfaces interactive.

  • 4chapters
  • 57tasks
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PHP basics

We will add PHP to the page markup and start working with web scripts, data, and the addresses.

  • 4chapters
  • 59tasks
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Advanced level

If you’re good at practical tasks then it’s time to raise your level higher.

Creating a layout

Creating a layout is the process of arranging major blocks on a page. Simply put, we are going to learn how to create columns.

  • 3chapters
  • 80tasks
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JavaScript programming

We are studying the basic concepts of the language and using them in real projects.

  • 6chapters
  • 123tasks
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Deep dive in JavaScript for browsers

We are going to delve into user interaction and techniques for revitalizing interfaces.

  • 3chapters
  • 61task
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SVG basics

Learning SVG, vector graphics format: basic primitives, positioning and sizing, fills and strokes.

  • 3chapters
  • 35tasks
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Dynamic effects

We animate the elements of the interface with the help of animation and transformations.

  • 3chapters
  • 89tasks
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Advanced styling

Let's delve into some advanced features and learn about some important CSS mechanisms.

  • 3chapters
  • 48tasks
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