Creating a layout

  • 3 chapters
  • 80 tasks
  • 9 challenges
Creating a layout is the process of arranging major blocks on a page. Simply put, we are going to learn how to create columns.

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Creating a layout course


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3 chapters80 tasks9 challenges


28 tasks 3 challenges

We will consider the basics of flexboxes, which provide a new way of creating “flexible” layouts. First, we will learn how to establish the direction of flow of flex container axes and to align and overflow flex items with the kitties, and then we will learn how to apply a flexbox simply and easily within real interfaces.


25 tasks 3 challenges

We will learn how to control the sizes and margins of flex items and how growth and shrinkage factors work, and we will gain practical experience creating "flexible" layouts and interface elements.


27 tasks 3 challenges

In this chapter we will begin to learn about the technology for creating grids: we will figure out how we can create grid layouts using different methods and how to control the location of grid items in a grid container. Then we will put our acquired knowledge into practice and use a grid to create a couple of small interfaces.


Final challenges will be available soon!