JavaScript basics

  • 3 chapters
  • 45 tasks
  • 2 challenges

We'll study how JavaScript works in the browser and learn how to make web interfaces interactive.

We'll learn how JavaScript works in the browser. We'll learn how to interact with users on web pages and solve tasks that web developers face regularly.

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JavaScript basics course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

3 chapters 45 tasks2 challenges


16 tasks

We’ll learn a little about JavaScript, use it to change the page layout, write a theme switcher, create an interactive subscription form, and learn how to use the console.


14 tasks 1 challenge

Let's learn more about what conditions are, how to create and add new elements to a page, and write a like counter and a commenting system.


15 tasks 1 challenge

Learn more about element collections and the for of loop. Learn how to use properties to get data and manage elements. Create pop-up tooltips and validate forms.


Final challenges will be available soon!

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