Advanced styling

  • 3 chapters
  • 48 tasks
  • 8 challenges
Let's delve into some advanced features and learn about some important CSS mechanisms.

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Advanced styling course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

3 chapters 48 tasks8 challenges


14 tasks 2 challenges

Let's learn how to use background images and set background colors. Let's take a look at some popular image formats and explore certain techniques for creating decorative effects.


15 tasks 2 challenges

Let's take a look at the process of creating shadows using CSS. We will cover the box-shadow property bit by bit, learn how to use multiple shadows, and explore some advanced shadowing techniques.


19 tasks 4 challenges

We will learn what linear gradients are and how you can use them to create interesting decorative effects. We will explore the syntax of the linear-gradient function, pick up some cool tricks, and practice creating complex ornaments using gradients.


Final challenges will be available soon!

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