Deep dive in JavaScript for browsers

  • 3 chapters
  • 61 task
  • 5 challenges
We will receive an overview of the important concepts in JavaScript and learn how to deploy them in practice.

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Deep dive in JavaScript for browsers course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

3 chapters61 task5 challenges


19 tasks 2 challenges

Let’s see how JavaScript works with HTML. We will learn how to change the markup and create it from scratch using scripts.


21 task 2 challenges

We will learn how to update an old interface and process user events. We will find out what asynchrony, scope, and closure are and how they work. We will figure out a problem involving the organization of school lunches and program a pop-up window and gallery.


21 task 1 challenge

We will find out what the DOM API is, work with templates, receive an overview of new events and methods for managing DOM, and figure out how to clone elements and program a to-do list app.


Final challenges will be available soon!