HTML and CSS basics

  • 6 chapters
  • 95 tasks
  • 5 challenges
Learning markup and CSS syntax: from the simple text-level tags and CSS selectors to the typical page structure, cascade, and inheritance.
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HTML and CSS basics course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

6 chapters 95 tasks5 challenges


12 tasks

In this chapter, your instructor Muffin will introduce you to the basics of web layout through the example of a small landing page.


16 tasks 1 challenge

Let's start by preparing the markup for the blog page, and we will start to understand what tags are used in the markup and what these tags are used for.


19 tasks 1 challenge

Let's continue laying out the blog page, and let's learn how to correctly lay out the test content: paragraphs, headings, subheadings, lists and much more.


15 tasks 1 challenge

Let's finish marking up the blog pages, adding navigation links as well as figuring out the image formats.


15 tasks 1 challenge

Let's start with the design of the blog pages and at the same time analyze the basic concepts within CSS, including rules, selectors, properties, values, inheritance, and cascading.


18 tasks 1 challenge

Finish the design of the blog pages, and learn how to design texts with CSS, including setting fonts, colors, indents, and sizes.


Final challenges will be available soon!

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