Dynamic effects

  • 3 chapters
  • 89 tasks
  • 3 challenges
We animate the elements of the interface with the help of animation and transformations.

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Dynamic effects course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

3 chapters 89 tasks3 challenges


29 tasks 3 challenges

We will rotate, skew, move, reduce, and enlarge objects as well as blow them up with fireballs, teleport them, and use telekinesis. And, of course, we will take a look at some cool techniques for using transforms to create decorative effects.


29 tasks

Let's learn how to smoothly change CSS properties. We will create beautiful and functional shape elements that are inspired by Material Design and create a mini-quiz about HTML and CSS.


31 task

Let’s take a look at the ABC of creating animations with CSS. We will walk the evolution path of a civilization and conquer deep space. We will move, rotate and transform objects while learning the basics of object animation in CSS.


Final challenges will be available soon!

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