PHP basics

  • 4 chapters
  • 59 tasks
We will learn how to embed PHP code in the page markup and work with web scripts, data, and addresses. Let’s learn more about PHP syntax. We use conditions, arrays, loops, and other basic statements to program the online store.

Our authors are brave enough to experiment with new technologies for this course.

Therefore, we recommend using the latest version of one of the following browsers: Chrome, Yandex Browser, Firefox, Opera, Edge or Safari Technology Preview while taking this course.

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PHP basics course


Tasks and challenges required for taking the course.

4 chapters59 tasks


14 tasks

Learn how to use conditions in scripts and templates. We will learn about comparison operations and logical operators. Let's finish the pages for our online store.


15 tasks

We will explore what arrays and loops are and find out why they work great together. You will work with different arrays and loops in the context of the pages of an online store. And you will also add product filtering functionality and solve a couple of additional problems.


16 tasks

Learn how to create your own functions and use the built-in ones. We will explore how to use functions to sort, filter, copy, and shuffle arrays. We will finish the shipping status page and display random product listings on the main page of our store.


14 tasks

Let's learn how to work with numbers and strings in PHP, and we will introduce you to the for loop and the ternary operator. We will figure out how to create pagination and display the date on the page in a complex format.


Final challenges will be available soon!