Who is it for?

For those who are interested in web development, but have no idea where to start

Interactive simulators allow you to learn all the main topics and areas of knowledge that a web developer needs. You can start «from scratch» without any prior training.

For those who have not yet made up their mind

You will be able to «feel» what exactly a web developer does in practice, craft your first pages — and decide for yourself whether you are ready to dive into web development on a more serious level.

For those who need to know the basics of web development

If you are a designer who needs to speak the same language as the developers or a marketer who needs to understand how email templates or landing pages are made, but you do not need to learn the same amount of knowledge as a professional programmer.

What will I get?

787tasks and challenges

37interactive courses

12chapters available for free

How does learning work?

Everything is sliced and diced

Courses are structured in such a way that you can start without any initial knowledge. You’ll see from which «pieces» websites come together, then take a look at each of the «pieces» individually, and finally move on to more complex topics.

Interactive lessons

Each lesson is interactive. This means that even theory — it’s not boring sheets of text, but live examples where you can immediately see how the lines of code you’ve written turn into a picture that the visitor will see in his browser.

Testing in practice

You can immediately apply the knowledge you have gained in practice. Each chapter has «challenges» — tasks in which you can complete a small task using the lessons you’ve learned.

Fascinating storyline

You will be mastering the development under the guidance of an experienced developer — Muffin the Cat. Together with the Muffin you will start with the development of a simple landing page, where the cat offers his services to train newbie kittens, and finish with the development of a full-fledged online store of cat accessories and cat fashion.

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