Refund Policy

HTML Academy OÜ is a company registered in accordance with the legislation of Estonia. The Company offers any interested parties to enter into the License Agreement for Software Use as a Service Interactive Online HTML and CSS Courses (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

The License Agreement terms and conditions are posted on the Web page at.

This Policy is an addendum to the License Agreement regulating the company's policy regarding the rights to withdraw from an agreement and the right to a refund.

  1. The Service appears to be a digital content, i.e. a collection of information produced and presented in a digital form. The Service is a software been fully serviced by the Company. The Service is remotely available; this requires no physical media or distribution kit application. Parties entered into a license agreement with the Company are provided with browser-based use of the Service on the computers thereof by direct access to the website subject to sign in and log in.
  2. The Service License Agreement shall be concluded remotely. The concluded License Agreement performance shall set up after you accept the terms and conditions of the License Agreement for a Service Use which is to be expressed by clicking the Pay button.
  3. In view of Clauses 1. and 2. of this Policy, as well as the fact that access to the Service is to be provided immediately upon the conclusion of the License Agreement:
    • You are not able to unilaterally terminate the License Agreement;
    • The Company does not refund money paid as license fees.
  4. This Policy complies with the laws applicable to the parties relations.

How to Contact us

  • If you have any questions or comments on this document,
  • If you want to make us stop using your personal data,
  • Or you want to use the rights stated above and file a complaint,

please contact our support service at

If you want you can mail us to:

HTML Academy OÜ, Harju maakond,
Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa,
Tuukri tn 19, 10152

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