CSS Basics

In this course, we will have a short intro into the basic concepts of CSS: i.e., selectors, cascading, inheritance, priorities. You will familiarize yourself with the basic CSS properties used for text formatting, creating of layouts, positioning of elements.

CSS Basicsnot completedStart
CSS Rulesnot completedStart
Advanced Selectorsnot completedStart
Text Formatting Propertiesnot completedStart
Properties for Sizes and Spacingnot completedStart
Element Positioningnot completedStart
Create a Layoutnot completedStart
Decorative Propertiesnot completedStart
Cascadingnot completedStart
Cascading. Override Stylesnot completedStart
Cascading and Prioritynot completedStart
Cascading. Cocktail of Classesnot completedStart
Inheritancenot completedStart
Non-Inherited Propertiesnot completedStart
Challenge: Layout Prototypenot completedStart