Basics of Forms

In this course, you will learn how to create simple forms, and have some practice with text boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes, buttons and other elements of forms.

My First Formnot completedStart
Text Fieldnot completedStart
Identifier and Default Valuenot completedStart
Text Field Labelnot completedStart
Associate Label and Field using idnot completedStart
Add One More Fieldnot completedStart
Password Fieldnot completedStart
Form Submit Buttonnot completedStart
Multi-line Input Fieldnot completedStart
Checkbox or "Flag"not completedStart
Challenge: Sign Up Formnot completedStart
Radio Buttonnot completedStart
Option Groupnot completedStart
Drop-Down List or Selectnot completedStart
Multi-Selectnot completedStart
File Upload Fieldnot completedStart
Hidden Fieldnot completedStart
Challenge: Edit Profilenot completedStart