Basics of Tables

You will learn which tags help to create tables and how to control the number of rows and columns. You will learn to style tables: set borders, row background, column dimensions, and align text within cells. And, most importantly, you'll learn how to merge cells.

Simple Tablenot completedStart
Add Rowsnot completedStart
Add Columnsnot completedStart
Define Borders Using CSSnot completedStart
Improve Bordersnot completedStart
Horizontal and Vertical Bordersnot completedStart
Cell Paddingnot completedStart
Cell Spacingnot completedStart
Challenge: Simple Yet Neat Tablenot completedStart
Header Cellsnot completedStart
Table Captionnot completedStart
Merge Cells within a Rownot completedStart
Merge Cells in Columnsnot completedStart
Reinforcing colspannot completedStart
Reinforcing rowspannot completedStart
Combo: colspan + rowspannot completedStart
Challenge: A Tougher Tablenot completedStart
Aligning Cell Contentnot completedStart
Add Colornot completedStart
Row Coloringnot completedStart
Set Table Dimensionsnot completedStart
Sizing Individual Cells and Columnsnot completedStart
Challenge: Summary Tablenot completedStart