How to Mark up Text with HTML

You'll learn how to add simple text content to your HTML page and mark up paragraphs, headings, subheadings, lists, and many other things.

Paragraphsnot completedStart
Headings and Subheadingsnot completedStart
Unordered Listnot completedStart
Ordered Listnot completedStart
Multi-Level Listnot completedStart
Multi-Multi-Level Listnot completedStart
List of Definitionsnot completedStart
Importance: strong and b tagsnot completedStart
Emphasizing: em and i tagsnot completedStart
Line Breaks and Separators: br and hr tagsnot completedStart
Quotingnot completedStart
Subscripts and Superscriptsnot completedStart
Highlighting Changes: del and ins tagsnot completedStart
Pre-Formatted Textnot completedStart
Simply Highlighted Textnot completedStart
Challenge: Marking up an Articlenot completedStart
Challenge: Porridge Recipenot completedStart